Tuesday 17th December 2019

Adastra 111 21507742 - Hosted Disconnection - 2019-12-17

Advanced have received reports of multiple customers being unable to access our hosted infrastructure as well as other NHS Services such as the DOS and NHS Mail. These are believed to be issues with the HSCN Core network and Advanced are working on a full RCA.

http://nww.digital.nhs.uk/servicemanagement/status/ confirms that this was a High Severity Support Incident with the National HSCN and Transition Network:

NHS Digital Reference: 20264430/TXF42738299

Confirmation that this issue is a national issue with the HSCN network and is still ongoing, as a result customers may still experience performance degradation.

1322: NHS Digital have updated their status page to confirm that this issue should now be resolved and they are monitoring for the balance of the day. Their next update is due at 1700.

Please contact us via our Support Portal.