Friday 25th November 2022

Staffplan MVP Connection Issue

16:00 25/11/2022 - We have been made aware of an incident whereby new users are unable to connect to Staffplan MVP. We have engaged our internal teams to triage the issue. Next update expected 16:45.

16:45 25/11/2022 - We believe we have identified the root cause and our engineers are working to resolve this. Next updated expected 17:15

16:45 25/11/2022 - Our engineers are continuing work to resolve this. We can confirm that successful connections are being made. We anticipate full restoration shortly. Next updated expected 17:30

17:25 25/11/2022 - We confirm that we are seeing no connection failures and can confirm that users are now able to log in to Staffplan. Incident closed.

Please contact us via our Support Portal.