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Past Incidents

Monday 28th November 2022

No incidents reported

Sunday 27th November 2022

No incidents reported

Saturday 26th November 2022

No incidents reported

Friday 25th November 2022

Staffplan MVP Connection Issue

16:00 25/11/2022 - We have been made aware of an incident whereby new users are unable to connect to Staffplan MVP. We have engaged our internal teams to triage the issue. Next update expected 16:45.

16:45 25/11/2022 - We believe we have identified the root cause and our engineers are working to resolve this. Next updated expected 17:15

16:45 25/11/2022 - Our engineers are continuing work to resolve this. We can confirm that successful connections are being made. We anticipate full restoration shortly. Next updated expected 17:30

17:25 25/11/2022 - We confirm that we are seeing no connection failures and can confirm that users are now able to log in to Staffplan. Incident closed.

Thursday 24th November 2022

HSSI - 23046212 - Adastra Performance

Service(s): Adastra

Description: We have had a few reports of performance degradation in Adastra

All resolver teams are engaged and are investigating the incident. This is being treated with the highest priority. If you are experiencing these issues and have yet to report it please contact us on 0330 343 0067

Update 11:30 - We believe we may have identified a possible root cause and are working to resolve this.

Update 14:30 - We are performing remedial actions that should increase performance through the application. This is being dealt with and we are treating this with the highest priority. Sites will be updated as soon as the remedial actions have been completed.

Update 15:30 - We have had reports of performance improvements in Adastra. If you are still experiencing performance issues please contact us. We are still peforming remedial actions to further stabilise the platform.

Update 17:20 - We have performed some remedial actions to increase stability and have seen an improvement in performance. We will be monitoring the platform throughout the night and will be completing some further investigation tomorrow to increase stability further. If you have any further performance issues please contact us?

Please contact us via our Support Portal.